April 2023

It’s my birthday month! And to celebrate I’ve chosen two badass woman owned wineries! Both are incredibly talented winemakers and are leading the industry in innovation and experimentation. If you ordered the 6 pack bottle you will get 3 bottles from Brianne Day of Day Wines & 3 from Bree Stock of Limited Addition Wines.  The 3 bottle option is all Day Wines but if you are interested in picking up any of Bree’s wines we will have a very limited selection on our shelves! Each vintage is highly allocated so once we're out of this vintage we're out! 

From the vines to the lab, tasting table, boardroom and beyond, women have long made waves in wine production. They’ve developed farming techniques, proved yeast’s impact and connected clonal specificity to terroir; they’ve built businesses and brands to share research, and created quality wines for all palates. However, they’ve also faced incredible adversity within the wine world simply because of their biological gender. 

In recent years, such struggles have increasingly been highlighted by the media. And thanks largely to the work and counsel of female pioneers before them, so, too, have several of women’s vinous accomplishments. This recognition may be a significant stride toward equality in the industry, but crucial conversations around diversity and inclusion remain and mustn’t be overlooked. - Wine Enthusiast

The best thing we can do is drink more wine from women winemakers!  Luckily for us we have a great partner in our friends at Thirst Wine Merchants- they are actively seeking out these special woman owned/ woman winemakers and bringing them to OKC!   The Limited Addition wines will be featured on our wine table and we will have a QR code for the info sheets on each! 



Founded by winemaker and owner Brianne Day in the 2012 vintage, Day Wines is a producer of boutique, artisanal bottlings made from fruit sourced exclusively from a small group of Oregon growers who utilize Biodynamic, Organic and/or Sustainable vineyard practices. To create distinct expressions of our corner of the world, we focus on fruit harvested from the esteemed Willamette Valley to exotic varietals found in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley AVA.


2022 Vin de Days Blanc

This is an Alsatian-style white blend of several organically farmed vineyards from around the Willamette Valley. Each vineyard was picked when the fruit was optimal for the overall blend: some fruit was picked for its aromatics, some for its acid, and some for its fruit characteristics. Native-yeast fermentation. Spontaneous malo-lactic fermentation. Low-sulfur. This year the tropical notes are bright; pineapple, green papaya and lemon oil. Marzipan, yellow cherry and yellow apple all make an appearance. The finish shows sweet basil, wet stone and clean minerality. We enjoy this wine both as an aperitif and as a complement to a variety of cuisines.

2021 Vin de Days Rouge

Willamette Valley All vineyards used were farmed organically or biodynamically. Fifty percent whole-cluster, fifty percent destemmed fruit, with the whole-clustered fruit on the bottom of each fermenter to allow for carbonic maceration. For this wine, we never once punch down the cap, but rather rely on pump-overs twice a day; this promotes a gentle extraction and a more fruit-centric wine.As with all of our wines, the Rouge is spontaneously fermented with limited interventions throughout primary and secondary fermentations. Once dry, the wine was pressed off into neutral French oak and stainless steel tanks to complete spontaneous malolactic fermentation and mature for a few months. Unfiltered and minimal sulfur used prior to bottling. Dangerously drinkable is the most appropriate description of this wine. 83% Pinot Noir, 13% Pinot Munier, 4% Pinot Gris. 23 cases.

2021 Vin de Days L’Orange

Willamette Valley With the success of our Tears of Vulcan skin-contact white blend, we knew we were on to something. The trouble is that we only make a limited amount of that wine, so there's never enough to satisfy everyone's "orange craving" for more than a few months. The solution: make another "orange" wine. The 2021 Vinde Days L'Orange is our way to get you the textural and aromatic circus that you're looking for. This blend of 43% Müller-Thurgau,36% Riesling, 14% Gewürztraminer and 7% Pinot gris is a marvelous expression of these aromatic varietals and what can be achieved with a little skin contact (8 days to be exact). The beautiful,floral Gewürz notes of lychee and rose juxtapose in wonderful fashion with the racy, stony minerality of the Riesling, while the Müller adds grapefruit and mango in a subtle tropical lift and Pinot gris gives acidic nuance to the firmly textured palate. With time and air, the fruit profile becomes richer and spicier with notes of candied orange rind and dried apricot. The finish remains vibrant and grippy even through the second day of being open. It's everything you're looking for from an aromatic "orange" wine, and it's ready to go right now.



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