January 2023

40 Under 40 Tastemaker 2018 Jim Fischer, 36, and Jenny Mosbacher, 33, Portland, OR

Co-winemakers, Fossil & Fawn Natty wines to fawn overAs self-described “Deputy Chief of Stuff” and “Vice President of Wine Things,”Mosbacher and Fischer (respectively) create tremendous wines at their tiny Oregon estate. The duo, partners in business and in life, represents a movement of younger winemakers that let nature take the lead. They utilize low intervention methods, reject additives and possess the unique ability tore imagine what a grape should be, like their punchy Pinot Noir and bright red Pinot Gris. The two display a mastery of modern marketing and how best to convey their compelling story.

Fossil & Fawn started out as a completely reasonable idea in the late summer of 2011, and quickly spiraled into a much more complex, frustrating, terrifying, and unbelievably rewarding venture. We began with the notion of making a small amount of wine from our family vineyard as a single-site bottling, simply because no one else had done so before. The plan was to have a nice example to show to potential buyers of the Pinot noir and Pinot gris grown there. Somewhere along the line we figured that for all the effort, we might as well make it an official wine label. After a series off its and starts (mostly fits), Fossil & Fawn was born proper as a wine label, nearly two years after we had that very reasonable idea.We aren't too interested in bold manifestos or style declarations - our goal is to make wines that we like. We've found that the kind of wines we like, and thus the wines wemake, are executed with a natural approach that allows the vineyard to do the talking.The minimalist, natural approach is a nice way of saying we do things the hard way,by-hand. The upside is that we end up with wines that we like. Wines that have acidity, structure, and balance that will brilliantly compliment dinner tonight, or be a worthy reward for patience after a few years in the cellar.


2021 Fossil & Fawn Chardonnay

Willamette Valley

Our 2021 Chardonnay was sourced from two organically farmed vineyards - the 46-year-old, dry farmed, own-rooted vines at No Clos Radio and Marin Vineyard. The fruit from No Clos was bright and lean while Marin gave plushness and fresh stone fruit aromas. Everything was pressed, settled and barrel fermented spontaneously in a mix of Oregon and French oak and allowed to complete malolactic conversion (also spontaneously). The wine was racked once to tank and bottled without fining or filtration. 83% Clone 108 and 17% Dijon 96. 3-46-year-old vines grown in windblown Loess and marine sediment. Dry-farmed & Organic. 289 cases made.

2021 Fossil & Fawn Pinot Gris

Willamette Valley

This Pinot gris is a light red wine (we craft it nearly identically to how we make our Pinot noir - to help show the familial resemblance between the two grapes). The fruit was sourced from two own-rooted,organically farmed vineyards with vines ranging in age from 21 to 47 years. Most of the fruit was destemmed, but about 31% of the lot was whole cluster fermented. The average length of maceration was 14 days on skins before being pressed into a mix of French and Oregon oak. The wine aged for 9 months before being racked once and bottled without fining or filtration. 66% No Clos Radio, 34% Silvershot Vineyard. 21-47-year-old vines grown in windblown Loess and marine sediment. Dry farmed & Organic. 279 cases made.

2021 Fossil & Fawn Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley

Our Willamette Valley Pinot noir is a blend of fruit from Finnigan Hill (37%), No Clos Radio (34%) and Silvershot Vineyards (29%) - three organically farmed sites. Vine age ranges from 14-to-47 years.The majority of the fruit was destemmed, but there is about 14% whole-cluster inclusion. All fermentation was spontaneous and the average length of maceration was 14 days before pressing off into a mix of French and Oregon oak.The wine aged for 9 months in barrel before being racked once and then bottled without fining or filtration. 100% Pinot noir - Pommard, 114, 115 and 777 – grown in wind blown Loess and marine sediment. Dry-farmed & Organic. 1,182 cases made.



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