March 2023

American Solera

Chase and Erica Healey are a husband-and-wife team who have made a name for themselves in the craft brewing industry through several other brewing projects across Oklahoma.

In 2016, the Healeys founded American Solera in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which quickly became another hit among craft beer fans. American Solera focuses on producing unique, flavorful beers with a focus on mixed-fermentation projects, innovative hoppy beers, and bold, barrel aged stouts and barleywines.

The brewery is located in the heart of Tulsa which features a large tap room, two private event spaces, a beautiful patio and a smashburger concept called Bub's. In the fall of 2022, American Solera opened another tap room and small brewery in downtown Edmond.

American Solera's latest venture is a partnership with Field Recordings, a California winery. Originally producing co-branded wines called American Recordings, Chase and Erica would travel to California to taste through varietals and barrels with winemaker Andrew Jones. In September 2022, American Solera began producing its own wines under the American Solera label, using grapes sourced from California's Central Coast. Chase Healey has brought his expertise in fermentation and barrel aging to the world of wine, with the first varietals being Chenin Blanc, Grenache Rosé, Syrah and a Red Blend.

Overall, American Solera is known for their creativity, dedication to quality, and willingness to push the boundaries of what's possible in craft brewing and winemaking. Their success with American Solera has earned awards such as Rate Beer's Best New Brewery in 2016, numerous accolades for individual craft beers, and most recently a James Beard Outstanding Bar AwardTM 2023 Semifinalist.


American Solera Red Blend

13% Carbonic Maceration Red Blend // Central Coast of California // Petit Verdot / Malbec / Syrah

Introducing American Solera's Red Blend - a harmonious fusion of Syrah, Malbec, and Petit Verdot grapes from the Central Coast of California, expertly blended to create a truly unique and delicious wine

At the heart of our Red Blend lies the Syrah grape, which provides a rich and robust backbone. The Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes bring depth and complexity, creating a wine that is both layered and nuanced.

With a little more tannic structure than Syrah, this Red Blend is well-balanced and tasty. Upon tasting, the wine's rich, dark fruit flavors are immediately apparent, with notes of blackberry, plum, and black cherry shining through. The tannins are well-integrated, providing a smooth and lingering finish.

American Solera's Red Blend is the perfect choice for a special occasion, whether you're enjoying it with a hearty meal or sipping it on its own.

American Solera Syrah

13.5% Central Coat of California // Carbonic Maceration

Introducing American Solera's Syrah - a meticulously crafted wine that captures the essence of Paso Robles with its distinct fruity notes and oaky undertones. At 13.5% ABV, this Syrah boasts a beautiful balance of alcohol and flavor.

Crafted with precision, the grapes in this wine begin fermentation carbonically, meaning the process begins en route. This technique allows for optimal flavor and aroma extraction, resulting in a full-bodied wine that is sure to impress. The grapes are then carefully pressed and fermentation is completed in the cellar giving the wine a beautiful ruby-red color.

Upon tasting, the raspberry seed notes immediately stand out, offering a fruity and slightly tart sensation that is perfectly balanced with the subtle sweetness of the wine. The result is a wine that is rich, complex, and full of character.d

American Solera Rosé

Introducing American Solera's Grenache Rosé - a refreshing and elegant wine that captures the vibrancy of California's Central Coast. Made with 100% Grenache Rosé grapes from the 2021 vintage. The wine is spontaneously fermented with minimal intervention in the cellar.

At 11% ABV, this Grenache Rose is light and easy to drink. The delicate pink color and aromas of strawberries, raspberries, and citrus fruits are refreshing.

Upon tasting, the wine's vibrant acidity is immediately apparent, providing a refreshing and zesty sensation on the palate. The flavors of red fruits and citrus are perfectly balanced.

American Solera's Grenache Rosé is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes, including seafood, salads, and light pasta dishes.



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